Home improvement projects are serious investments. When something needs a repair or replacement, like siding, some homeowners tend to put it off because they don’t have the funds to make it happen or they assume it isn’t a big problem. Instead of putting off repairs until it’s too late, it’s important to take care of home improvements promptly. We’ll share what’s best for your home between siding replacement and repair below.

When To Repair Your Siding

If your siding is cracked or loose, it’s time to repair it. The issue may be small, but cracks almost always grow, especially as the seasons change. You could remove and replace the siding on your own, but DIY work can be tricky for first-timers.

Dented siding is another sign that it requires repairs. Your siding can develop dents for many reasons, from hail to a rogue ball from your neighbors. If you see mold on your siding, a quick repair job is all you need, but you should find the source of the mold to ensure it doesn’t continue to grow.

When To Replace Your Siding

You may need to replace your siding for several reasons. When wondering what’s best for your home between siding replacement and repair, it’s important to get this part right. The wrong decision could cost you thousands. Rot is a definite indicator for a replacement, so take care of this promptly.

If you notice streaking or discoloration, water is likely seeping into your home’s siding. It may even seep into the walls of your home, so replace the siding to prevent water damage. If you notice a spike in your energy bills, then the siding is not insulating your home properly. Replace your home’s siding to bring down those energy bills.

How To Find the Best Installer

Read reviews online, check referrals, and speak to the contractor face-to-face in order to find a trustworthy installer. You’ll want to understand how they do business and their level of professionalism. Check their social media or website, and take note of how they interact with their clients. Are they engaging or defensive?

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