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Every December, we like to take a look back and crown the most popular shingle or siding color of the year. This year was a busy one for Pro-Home Services, replacing and installing roofs around the Chicagoland area. As we did so, one shingle color stood out in popularity. It was the 2022 Shingle Color of the Year belonging to Malarkey “Midnight Black.”

Why?  Well, we think this shingle was a favorite of our customers because of its style, functionality, and value.

First, consider the look of the shingle itself. While the color appears black from a distance, you can see how the different shades of black add an attractive dimension to a roof when viewed from different angles. People choose black for the same reason a woman chooses a black cocktail dress or a man dons a dark suit. Black is a sophisticated choice that elevates a home’s appearance with pops of color. In the case of a black roof on a home, the roof complements any potential color of shutters, front doors, or garage doors. Black also enhances the look of your home’s natural materials, like stone or brick. Finally, black shingles are perfect for hiding structural imperfections. They seamlessly blend any unevenness or deformities, leaving your home looking refreshed and visually appealing.

People in the Midwest are also looking for shingles that can weather the blizzards, ice storms, and other harsh winter weather that often comes our way. The color black for shingles can help melt ice and snow faster and ultimately keep your home toastier in the cold winter months. Because black shingles maintain higher heat levels, any snow you may have on your roof will melt faster. Similarly, black shingles help retain heat in your home by absorbing heat, whether it’s cloudy or sunny outside.

Malarkey Midnight Black shinglesBlack shingles, including the Malarkey Midnight Black, are also made with sustainability in mind. The company is committed to using high-performance products made from upcycled materials. Malarkey shingles are made from NEX® Polymer Modified (Rubberized) Asphalt and even include smog-reducing granules. These materials live on the roof and can actually transform harmful environmental particles into environmentally-friendly emissions.

Black shingles are good at hiding imperfections, such as those unsightly dark streaks caused by mildew growth. However, just because you see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Roofs with Malarkey Midnight Black shingles enjoy the benefits of a roof treated with Scotchgard™ with “streak resist” technology to efficiently prevents the growth of mildew in the first place. Not only will you not be able to see those streaks, but you will have peace of mind knowing they are not there!

Whether you opt for the 2022 shingle color of the year from Malarkey or a lighter shade, a new roof is a significant investment. Pro-Home Services can make the decision as easy as possible for you. Are you wondering how the 2022 shingle color of the year, midnight black, might look on your home?  Pro-Home Services will bring shingles samples to your doorstep and help coordinate which colors work for you. Call us today at 630.790.0800 to learn how.

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