“Pro-Home Services did two separate jobs for us, with a combined total of $11,000.  First, a new roof with gutters. Then, some reconstruction & replacement on two levels of the front of our home.The estimate was very professional and detailed, measurements were taken during the first visit.  When Peter came back, he had a written estimate with full details and a price which never changed.  The date was set right then and a deposit was given.  Materials were delivered on the morning or service and I was contacted the day before.  His crew arrived on time and the roofing job lasted exactly as long as we were told, 1-1/2 days.  The next morning, the gutter crew arrived and finished in one day.  Peter was in contact with his men and stopped by during their workday.  He came by to collect the balance after we did a walk around and he determined that we were satisfied.
Based on that smooth experience, we had him take measurements for replacing the entire front of our home which wasn’t brick, this included the front porch, column, wood around bay windows…..lots of angles, cutting replacing insulation, taping properly, all freeze boards.  Basically the front of the house was torn off and replaced.  This job encountered some surprises.  The crew was in touch via phone and messaged pictures of all problems to Peter throughout the day.  Our home  looks better than the day we bought it 17 years ago.  The job again was precisely on time and all the extra work they encountered added a very fair $100 to my total. “

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