Knowing When It’s The Right Time For Siding Replacement On Your Home

Keeping up with home repairs can feel like another full-time job. We hate to break it to you, but home maintenance is another job. However, proper home upkeep will keep your place of refuge and comfort beautiful and sturdy for years to come.

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Winter Is Coming: Get Roof Repair Done Now, Avoid Hassle Later

The roof contracting industry in the United States makes somewhere around $46 billion every year. Roofing contractors are busy all over the country and we're getting into the seasons where roofing can be the most troublesome. As we're getting through autumn and approaching winter, it's important to keep your roof in mind in preparation for the seasonal changes. After all, it's one of the pieces of your home that shields you from the elements 100% of the time. We're going to look at why you should be inspecting your roof and getting roof repairs done now rather than later.

Roof Damage and Animals in the Roof

Big problems and serious roof damage await the homeowner with animals in the roof. These brazen vandals work day and night to make themselves comfortable in the upper part of your home. Unfortunately, escaping the threat of roof damage from animals is almost impossible. Animals are an all-season threat to a healthy roof. You must remain vigilant and watch for signs of these prowlers to prevent costly roof damage.

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How to Help Your Roof Withstand the Weather

Here in the Midwest, we get our share of bad weather throughout four very different, highly volatile seasons. From wild tornados and thunderstorms in spring/summer to merciless ice storms and blizzards in winter, a well-installed roof is responsible for keeping you safe no matter what happens. A newer shingle on the market is specifically designed to survive the tough weather. It’s the shingles available from Malarkey Roofing Products, which Pro-Home Services is now proud to be offering customers.

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